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Welcome to HaMeg B.V.

HaMeg is established in 2004 and is specialised in developing, producing and delivering of “custom made” coatings for more than 10 years in different branches with Surlon® as brand name.

These could be coatings that modify the surface with water-repellent, non sticky, smudge-proof, extra smooth and very high sustainability, as well as primings who establish the perfect basis for our topcoat.

The coating will be delivered as a homogeneous emulsion ready for production and is water-based, neutral of smell, not harmful to the environment with very high sustainable properties.

Surlon® is a Greenversion® product and is successfully applied in aircrafts, astronautics, defence for more than 30 years and many other that you will find at our site under ‘applications’.

Each problem has its own solution. This improved for over 10 years, and therefore HaMeg is working by the principle “YOUR PROBLEM, OUR CHALLENGE”.
Together we will explore your wishes and possibilities, to modified the surface of your product with one or more coatings, to start our internal research to suitable products. We achieve this with the latest technology and our extremely knowledgeable staff in our own laboratory, production and transport department.

Does your product has a problem? Or needs your product an innovation?
Call (+31 (0) 46 439 57 06) or mail (info@hameg-nt.com) us for an optional meeting which we can explore the possibilities for solving this problem.